We recently had the opportunity to collaborate again with Deadmau5 on his concert visuals for his New Years Eve show. This time around we did seven straight days in Toronto, on site, while live streaming the whole event. We had a fantastic time and came away with some really kick ass material.

In addition to working on the concert visuals, we were super pumped to work on his super secret New Years Eve countdown. We worked with Justin Roiland, the creator and voices of Adult Swim's Rick & Morty, as well as the super talented team of people VR Chat. Together we were able to bring Rick and Morty to Deadmau5's cube as they try to defuse what they think is a time bomb counting down to imminent death.

We were really excited to see all the positive feedback we got from the concert. It was even featured in The AV Club, NME, Nerdist & Uproxx.