Many clients that need product visualization provide Rhino files that we convert and turn into Octane renders for a beautiful version of their previously flat design files. This was the case for Therma-Flite. We converted what was essentially CAD files in the beginning and turned them into something more visually stimulating for potential buyers.

In some cases the client does not have design files to work with. This was the case with Atlantic Blowers. They provided photos of their newest blower which we converted to this beautiful close-up render for their website and other online videos.

FACT cases provided 3DS files of their new line of phone cases. We were able to make realistic versions of these cases and match the coatings for beautiful product shots.

Many companies that need architectural rendering need either a pre-made room with their product on display
or a room that is designed from scratch to match a photo they provide. Here are some examples of both.