Specialty Design for your own productions.


Nexus Motion not only creates video, but we build systems and teach others how to make their own videos. This is an example of the rig we built for Anita Renfroe. Anita is an American Christian comedian from Atlanta, Georgia, the wife of a Baptist pastor and the mother of three children. She was on the Women of Faith Tour and is a regular commentator on Good Morning America. She recently started her own On-Demand internet show called Shejammygans and we were there to guide her through the process.

We designed the switching system, presentation system, Skype/Facetime interfaces for guests, and streaming rig to connect to their web hosting services. We ordered the gear, had it shipped, and built the entire system on-site. Not only that, but we thoroughly trained her team over the course of a weekend on the in's and out's of setting up, switching, and managing streams and video calls with guests. They were up in no-time and are now doing everything on their own twice a month live!


CUSTOM-Built MacPro Octane GPU Towers

Nexus Motion has created numerous GPU modifications to older MacPro Towers to sustain their life for years to come and enhance editing capabilities as well as the ability to use the Octane Render Engine. Stay on the Mac Platform without buying an expensive MacPro "Trashcan." We've created our own system dubbed the "Octane Monster" for ourselves as well as companies like Holmes Millet Advertising and The Axcess Group. The systems include Dual 980TI Nvidia Cards, upgraded SSD Hard Drives, Additional External Power Supply Modifications, and Octane Render Engine. They'll boot in about 10 seconds and render 3D in Octane at near Real-Time. Spend a couple thousand per machine and get the same results as machines in the tens of thousands of dollars.