1. Can Nexus Motion create any kind of video?

Yes. All kinds of videos from promo videos to YouTube videos to commercials and everything you can think of. We can create your video from stock footage and graphics or we can custom shoot your video for original footage – it’s up to you and what you need.

2. How do I start a new project?

1.    Visit our New Project page and tell us about your project via the form. 

2.   Visit our Contact Us page and contact us by one of the methods provided.

3. What kind of content can I provide for my videos?

Depending on what kind of videos you need, the content you have will vary. The following is a list of some of the content you can provide for your videos:

  1. Video clips
  2. Images and screenshots
  3. PowerPoint Slides
  4. Company and/or product logos
  5. Website links

4. How do I get my content to you?

1. When you start a project with us, we’ll share a safe and secure dropbox shared folder with you where you can upload all of your assets and files. 


2. Send us the link to your already uploaded footage (typically Drobbox.com, Googledrive.com, or Box.com). We’ll download it and move it to our safe and secure Dropbox shared folder.

5. Can I still get videos if I don't have any content?

Yes, we can use video clips and images from our stock footage service, Creative Commons footage, and other resources to create videos.

6. How fast CAN you finish my videos?

If your video does not require custom shooting, the first cut is typically delivered within 7-10 days from the day you approve the script. If your video does require custom shooting, the turnaround time is usually between 3-4 weeks from the day you approve the script.

7. Can I make changes to my videos?

Yes, you get two full rounds of edits with every video. Each round of edits includes any number of changes you want within the scope of the agreed upon project such as making edits to the video, adjusting or adding footage, changing the music, etc.

8. How much does a video cost?

The price of your video is based on many factors. The length of the video, assets we’ll need to buy such as stock footage or graphics templates, whether or not you need custom shooting, animation, and many other aspects. Please contact us to learn more about pricing.

9. How do I pay for my video?

We operate under the industry standard 50/50 payment terms: 50% upfront payment followed by 50% due upon completion of the project. Existing clients in good standing may be allowed 30 day net. All of our invoices are generated online and can be paid via credit/debit card or check.

10. What if I need something Shot?

We have DP's all around the country that we work with on a regular basis. Let us know where you need us to shoot and we’ll get everything setup for you.

11. What if I need lots of videos?

We offer a managed service or Virtual Creative Services that will help you get the videos you need. To learn more about this service, contact us.


Contact Us with your questions.